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February 26, 2024

I ran this conversation between Felix and Saphira through my head every time someone left a comment that tried to figure out a way to make the prophecy come true. I was never mad at these comments! So if you left one, please don't think I was bothered - I was genuinely fascinated that so many people wanted to make it work even when the story was practically screaming at you that the prophecy was garbage.

I shouldn't have been surprised, really. Narrative fiction as a whole has spent centuries training us to believe in prophecies, after all. The Storm Stained is in fact a response to that history and my feelings about the Chosen One archetype and destiny in general.

Which is to say, that I am NOT a fan.

But I'm not going to argue with you if you've got a soft spot for them! And there's a few that I like in spite of this opinion, so don't think I'm coming for ALL your faves here (just most of them, lol).

I have been on both sides of this conversation in my life, both in my story-telling ethos and in real life. So please don't feel I think little of Felix (or you!) for clinging to the prophecy. I have BEEN Felix, trying to make it work in spite of everything, trapped in the sunk-cost fallacy of it all. But I hope that this story has at least encouraged you to be a little bit more of a Saphira and to fight against being trapped in the hopes and visions of the "good ol' days".

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