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The Storm Stained is about a fairy society that lost their magical wings generations ago when the violent, magic-consuming storms started. Out of these trying times came a Prophecy which foretold of a Chosen One who would contain the storms and restore the wings of fairies everywhere. But... is the prophecy true? Or is it a "fairy tale" holding them back from forging their own destiny?

Callisto, a young potential Chosen One, must decide for herself!

Crystal Yates has been writing and illustrating comics since 2004, beginning with Earthsong, a long-form epic fantasy. This was followed by a short story, A Dance With Death, which can also be found on this website.

In 2017, Crystal was nominated for an Aurora Award for Best Graphic Novel for Earthsong. She is still pumped to have been nominated.

Crystal lives in the Toronto area and enjoys exhibiting at a handful of Canadian conventions each year. She loves enamel pins, coconut, dogs, and sundry fandoms.

You can follow Crystal on Twitter and Facebook.

Contact: overmorrow.tales(at)gmail(dot)com
(Be forewarned that she is Not Good at email - replies may be awhile)