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August 28, 2018

I've managed to finish last week's page, but that's it I'm afraid. My health problems continue to mystify the doctors I am seeing, but I am hopeful they'll improve.

In the meantime however, I feel like the responsible thing to do is to call a HIATUS on the comic. I am going to aim to resume updating OCTOBER 1st - essentially a month from now. My apologies again for the break, but I think this is better than you waiting for me to maybe update the comic and the anxiety that will in turn cause me if I don't manage to do so.

I WILL see you all back here in a month though! Be sure to follow me on your social media of choice (FB, Twitter) or subscribe to the RSS to be reminded of updates.

And another reminder that I will not be at FanExpo Toronto this year. Next year though!

Thank you all for understanding!

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