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August 13, 2018

FYI: I am not doing super well in the health department as of late, and I may have to either post incomplete pages for the next little while, or skip a few updates entirely (alas, today's page was the last of my buffer). I'll do my best, but I have to put my health first.

And on that note, I'm also going to be skipping FanExpo Toronto for the first time in... 8 or 9 years? Oof, been doing conventions for a long time now. Again, not a decision I make lightly, but it's the right one. I'll miss seeing all you lovely people who come by each year and say hi! But I'll be back next year for sure.

Thank you all for understanding!

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2023 Conventions:

Calgary Comic Con - April 27-30
Toronto FanExpo - August 24-27


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