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November 14, 2016

It has been quite the week. The current political situation in the US has wrecked my brain and my ability to concentrate on my work, and I'm not even an American. I won't go into it here - though I am 100% clear on my position about them on Twitter if you are interested - but I did want to talk about some relevant symbolism in A Dance With Death.

As you can see on today's page, Fear is the maƮtre d' of La Fin Du Monde (which is French for "The End of the World"). I chose him for this role purposefully. He is the one who has invited into the world all the vices and destructive forces that have brought about the Apocalypse. Fear, if we let it control us, can make us irrational, petty, and selfishly reactive. If we let fear invite hatred, indifference, xenophobia, and bigotry into our hearts, then we invite in the Apocalypse - the end of justice, compassion, love, and understanding.

I hope that we will all reject what fear invites in - that we will stand for what is right and good, and not waver in our convictions to support those who are in need of help.