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November 7, 2016

Well, it took some late nights and some cursing of the coding gods, but I managed to get this site up and running!

I hope that you'll all enjoy the new comic, and I look forward to sharing more of it with you!

Some FAQs that I am anticipating:

Why isn't the url "dancewithdeath.com" or something like that?
I'm planning on hosting ALL of my future comic endeavours on this site, so I didn't get one that was specific to the current comic.

Okay, but why "Overmorrow Tales"? Is that even a word?
Why yes, it is a word! Or rather, it ...used to be? It's designated as 'obsolete' by Wikitionary, and it means "the day after tomorrow". So it's a word from the past that's about the future and there is something about that which tickles all my fancies.
I also like the idea of looking both towards the past and the future in my storytelling, and this word encapsulates that perfectly. So Overmorrow Tales it is!

Do you have an RSS feed?
Why yes I do!

When are you going to update?
Every Monday! (If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?)

Why did you switch to a calligraphic font for the word "Fear" on today's page?
It's a name here, actually, rather than a word. All of the characters in this story are personifications of concepts (war, famine, etc.) and vices (fear, vanity, etc.) - so for the sake of clarity, whenever these words are being used as proper names, they will be written in this different font.

How long is this comic going to be?
Fairly short! It will be between 30-40 pages long, I wager - though I have not thumbnailed it out, so who knows!