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May 30, 2022

My apologies that this page didn't go up last week, but when you don't have power for 6 days, well, you can't help it. The derecho that swept through Ontario on the 21st did a real number on us - it was like we got a sudden 5 minute blast of a hurricane. Which I'm sure my readers in Florida and other hurricane-prone areas would scoff at, but it's like when Texas gets a tiny amount of snow and it wrecks them - if you aren't prepared for a certain type of weather, it can be brutal.

Ontario trees are not meant for hurricane weather and that's where most of the damage came from (barring the legit tornado that got Uxbridge). I was in a tiny cottage at the time and an enormous oak tree came crashing down on it. Luckily tiny cottage was also a strong cottage and it didn't break through and we were all fine, but many others were not so lucky. So while a 6 day power outage was less than ideal, it could have been far worse for us and I'm grateful it wasn't. My heart goes out to those who got hit the hardest.

Anyhow! Enjoy Saphira eating wee bit of humble pie!

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