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February 1, 2021

I'm starting to get emails from conventions saying they're back on this year! ... and I really doubt it. I mean, just, NO. Even if they do get clearance to run it, who would actually attend? All the people who aren't taking the pandemic seriously, that's who. And frankly, it's hit and miss with attendee hygene in normal times (I have STORIES), so running a booth while having to deal with people with their noses out of their masks if they're even wearing one at all? Noooo, thank you.

Why do I care, just don't register to exhibit, right? Well, I like to prebook my booth to save money and hassle, so I paid for all my 2020 booths in 2019. They let the money roll over to this year's cons, but will they do so again? Or are they going to insist on running the convention and say screw you to all of us who prepaid but don't feel safe attending? (Conventions are not known for being generous with refunds)

Anyhow, this rant brought to you by FanExpo mailing out contracts for their August convention. Could things be better by then? Sure! Will they though? Probably not!

Get that vaccinne when you can, kiddos. *sigh*

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