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May 29, 2017

Eight days left on the kickstarter! It's at $6,400 right now, so getting that foil stamping is looking like a distinct possibility! *u* Thank you everyone!

Fun fact about Pain: Of all the painful elements of her look, the one that makes me squirm the most is... the tightly pulled-back hair. My head is super sensitive, and back when I had long hair I had to get certain types of elastics to be able to do a pony tail, and even then I couldn't wear it for very long before I had a huge headache. I passed out once as a child just from having my hair brushed! And the few times I've had to get an updo for various weddings, etc. I've had to tell the hair dressers they could only use bobby pins and not very many of them. I got a few looks ;)

So that skin-tight hair she's sporting? Yeah, that makes me cringe more than the corset.

ALSO! Almost forgot to mention that Earthsong is up for an Aurora Award this year! The Aurora Awards are run by the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association, and I'm very honoured to be nominated! (Only members can vote, so don't worry, I won't be bugging you to go vote for me!) I'm up against some stiff competition, including Margaret Atwood(!), so I'm pretty sure a win is not going to happen, but I'm stoked to be nominated all the same ^_^