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April 17, 2017

Say hello to Pestilence! The last of the four horsemen! ... or is he?

Pestilence is a "controversial" member of the four horsemen. The horsemen originate from Revelations in the Bible, and while Famine, War, and Death aren't disputed riders, Pestilence is. There's a huge range of interpretations of the character, from being Christ himself, the Holy Spirit, or even the Anti-Christ. The most popular alternative though is "Conquest," but I've always felt that it was a little redundant what with War already in the line up - especially when he is supposed to come BEFORE War, being the first seal that is broken.

Pestilence, or infectious disease, makes much more sense thematically with the end of the world. Disease has historically has decimated the human population, via plagues and just illness in general. It's a force of nature, much like Death and Famine, and I think it's fitting that Pestilence should have a role as one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.