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January 16, 2017

I had some oddly tough choices to make when it came to ethnicity and sexual identity of the characters in this comic, given that ALL of the characters in it are representations of the WORST of humanity. They are vices and destructive forces personified after all! But I still wanted to have a diverse cast, despite the chances that I might offend someone who feels that I chose that particular vice to represent a group of people as a whole.

For example, I worried (and still do worry) that readers might get the impression that I think that all gay/bi men are selfish, entitled jerks like I've depicted Greed as here. This is absolutely not the case. Greed's sexuality has nothing to do with his personality.

I recognize that it's hard for under-represented groups to see themselves represented negatively in media when they get so little "screen time" as it is. It was difficult to reconcile my desire to represent all of humanity in my comics with the types of characters in this particular comic. Hopefully as more of the cast is revealed and a wider variety of groups are represented, this will feel more self-evident, but in the meantime, I feel like should formally state that this comic will feature many different sexualities and races and that none of the vices are meant to represent these groups as a whole. I have tried my best to stay away from stereotypical associations, and I hope that I manage to pull it off.

However, if you feel that you have a genuine issue with how I've represented a character, I'm quite happy to hear what you have to say.