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May 28, 2018

Let's get this party started with a FOUR page update! Enjoy!

(Fun Fact: I used Willow's colour palette for the bat)

Also, in the future, the comic will update Monday MORNING (vs at the stroke of midnight).

I hope you all enjoy the comic and feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed to get notifications!

ALSO: If you were linking to A Dance With Death specifically, please use overmorrowtales.com/death.html from now on!

To directly link to just The Storm Stained (vs the website in general) please use overmorrowtales.com/stormstained.html

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2018 Conventions:
Calgary Comic Con - April 26-29
Ottawa Comic Con - May 11-13
Montreal Comic Con - July 6-8
Toronto FanExpo - August 30 - Sept 2


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