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April 6, 2020

I finished the mini zine/comic that I was going to debut at TCAF! But alas, there is no TCAF this year. So I'm putting it up one page at a time on TWC - gimme a vote and get a page for free! But if you'd rather get the whole thing at once (or if you miss a page), it's up on Gumroad for $3! (Or if you're a $3+ patron via my patreon, you get the whole thing for free!)

And yes, it IS another comic that features an anthropomorphized Death character. I make no apologies ;)

FYI Calgary Expo has rescheduled to July, but I've decided to defer my attendance to next year. See you in 2021, Calgary!

Just a reminder: My Storenvy store is closed for the foreseeable future and will stay that way until things blow over. Gumroad is still up with digital copies and I'm still haunting my Patreon though ;)

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2020 Conventions:
Calgary Comic Con - April 23-26 Postponed
TCAF - May 9-10 Cancelled
Toronto FanExpo - August 27-30
Ottawa Comic Con - September 11-13


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