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October 26, 2020

This seasonal art brought to you by my Patrons, who are still getting monthly wallpapers, etc. I did this for a streaming session = why I had time for this but not an actual page.

But fear not! I will have a page up next week. Somehow. *steely look of determination and/or confusion*

Page 23 of The Cheater is up on TWC - gimme a vote and get a page for free! Or get the whole thing at once on Gumroad for $3! (Or if you're a $3+ patron, you get the whole thing for free!)

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TWC Vote Incentive: Pages from my mini-comic, The Cheater

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2020 Conventions:
Calgary Comic Con - April 23-26
TCAF - May 9-10
Toronto FanExpo - August 27-30
Ottawa Comic Con - September 11-13


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