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April 6, 2020

I finished the mini zine/comic that I was going to debut at TCAF! But alas, there is no TCAF this year. So I'm putting my mini comic, "The Cheater," up one page at a time on TWC - gimme a vote and get a page for free! If you'd rather get the whole thing at once (or if you miss a page), I'll be putting it up on Gumroad for $3. (Or if you're a $3+ patron via my patreon, you get the whole thing for free!)

And yes, it IS another comic that features an anthropomorphized Death character. I make no apologies ;)

FYI Calgary Expo has rescheduled to July, but I've decided to defer my attendance to next year. See you in 2021, Calgary!

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Calgary Comic Con - April 27-30
Toronto FanExpo - August 24-27


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