The Storm Stained


Violent, magic-consuming storms stole fairykind’s wings ages ago.  Will they get them back through fulfilling an ancient, deadly prophecy or defying the law and embracing cybernetics?

The Storm Stained is a science fantasy adventure about defying destiny and forging your own future.  It clocks in at 268 full-colour pages, including concept art and bonus materials not found online.

Price is in USD.




Violent, magic-consuming storms have left fairykind wingless for generations, but that hasn’t stopped them from adapting and thriving, finding new and exciting ways to harness magic once more.

But those in power are caught up in the promises of ages past. An ancient prophecy has promised a winged Vessel will contain the storms and return their wings, and the Herald is determined to make it happen.

But is the prophecy true? Or is it a “fairy tale” holding them back from forging their own destiny through technology?

A malcontent gang of rejected Chosen Ones certainly seems to think so. And they’re set on convincing Callisto, the latest Wing Blessed protégé, that the prophecy isn’t just a sham, it’s a deadly trap and she needs to get out before it’s too late.

But who is telling her the truth?